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The last few weeks have been a blur as I packed up, sold, and gave away all my belongings, moved out of my apartment and sold my car. I’m in the eye of the storm, I only have one key: to a storage unit where everything I own currently resides. I still have more than basic necessities, though I own a third of what I owned a month ago. Moontribe fell on the day after I moved out of my apartment and a friend offered me a ride, so off I went to Northern California.

This Moontribe was small, but I was also feeling particularly vulnerable after moving the day before and letting go, so I knew I was going to be laying low. I took up residence on a covered platform made from wood, twine and cloth. It kept me dry in the waves of drizzle and a dabbling of interesting people made their way to rest there as well. We rotated joint rolling responsibilities as we conversed on religion, community, sacred space and a man’s journey of gratitude for Moontribe.

I met a beautiful couple who camped near me on our private island. They were excited and happy to be there and encouraged me to keep moving forward. We smoked hookah, shared intentions and stories. The greatest gift was when Minerva told me I shouldn’t do all this alone, rather have those I love and who love me help me.

In the days since moontribe, I’ve been flowing to a new current. Being homeless and carless, I’m at other’s whims, relying on transportation and other’s sleep schedules. Floating light as a feather, the universe and all that is within has been good to me.