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Today is Wednesday. Hump day. I awoke at 7 am to receive a phone call from my tow truck driver. I rushed to pack up my bedding which was the last bit I had left inside Myrtle. I spent my last evening with John, my graffiti artist friend who was so inspired by my story he called me in a rush telling me he would visit me. Upon arrival, he got a big smile on his face and told me he had something for me. He pulled out a teeshirt complete with a picture of Myrtle on the back, on the front was a closeup of the wheel which reads “PinkMoney” and a symbol with a heart and dollar sign. I squealed with delight as my face lit up in one of the most incredible smiles I’ve felt and I invited him to help paint the rest of my van.

I blasted a few Pumpkin sets as we wrote words of love all over the side front and back I hadn’t yet touched. He climbed up on her roof to write his own theory on love and slept in his truck on the other end of the parking lot. This morning, he stood next to me as I said my last farewells and signed her over, placing the $100 check in my red jansport backpack.

Once Myrtle was out of sight, he jumped in his truck and took off, getting ready for his day. I too, set off and drove to Monterey. The drive was hazy and the roads were clear, helping me reach my friend Carla’s home just before 9am.

Carla helped me park and invited me in for coffee and a spliff on the back porch. She gave me a hug and said, welcome home. After catching up and meeting a friend of hers from the neighborhood, I was given a tour and shown where to place my things. I got busy and as we closed in on finishing, we stopped for breakfast and another spliff. We finished emptying our cars and I pulled away again for Gilroy just before 3pm.

A weird feeling of homecoming overwhelmed me as I pulled off the highway at Monterey Rd, the familiar Main Street in town. This time driving through, my eyes noticed different locales and my perspective shifted.

This little town now shared with me it’s charms: a comfortable scent of garlic aroma, the cozy array of farm workers dotted through the fields, the detailed Victorian houses with perfectly manicured gardens and white pickets fences. The leaves whispered as I passed, stopping by a couple shops where I have made beautiful friends to bid my adieu for nows and to thank each person who showed me love and kindness.

I am not far away, still needing to gain the money for a new van, however I’m no longer tied to the parking lot of the police station in Gilroy. Mostly situated in a tree covered much cooler and much cloudier rural neighborhood on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

I’m feeling really good about this world today, I’m seeing the reality of the future I’ve created. I realized that this was ultimately my plan all along, to travel the world painting murals, spreading love one brushstroke at a time.

It’s a bit funny really, I’m being forced to do exactly what I set out to do.. a few wrinkles in the original blueprint just make for a better story, more knowledge on the workings of the world and more value in my life journey.

After feeling the weight of life as a homeless human in Gilroy, here’s some thoughts for you to ponder that I’ve gleamed from sharing frustrations and sorrows with a variety of bright souls;

A person is willing to give all they have when they don’t have much. When a homeless person offers a donation that barely begins to cover a cost, accept it. To someone who doesn’t have much, it means the world that they can contribute.

Hope and Love are the most powerful tools a person can possess. Once a person stops feeling these, only the shell can be seen and those spirits will fade until a shadow slinks down the street or sits on a bench all day in scorching heat, not noticing even if someone gazed upon their frame.

People, good people can be found anywhere, as well as bad people. Judgements on appearance and social status will impede growth. Instead, focus on what people say and do. People will always show you their true character.

I’ve heard many ponderings on how we are all broken. I beg to differ, in that we are just caught thinking that others are somehow more complete because life wasn’t so hard. From where I sit, I’m realizing that each of us finds our wholeness, which is always within, when we are ready to see it. Each of us has our journey which teaches us who we are, we all experience the emotions that connect us with our humanity and our human race.

In one week I was given stunningly pure advice, inspiring conversation and gracious blessings from a tatted up white supremacist, a homeless devout Christian woman and a graffiti artist who rides around town on a bike built with bull horns. In the same week I was asked by a prominent councilman why I wasn’t concerned with male equality, I was stared down from spreading love in a church and I was told by family members that I was hurting them by my life choices.

So I come back again to the statement I ask in all my art.. What makes you wealthy? For me, it’s all about the PinkMoney.. love that makes the world go round.