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This blog started on February 1st 2017, the day I left my country for the first time. I flew across the world and wrote to a small group of family and friends as I viewed and experienced a different world. When I returned, I only wanted to explore this new perspective, this paradigm shift, which brought me into a whirlwind of searching for truth, real universal truths that I could exploit and share with everyone. I’ve used myself as a social experiment, something I’ve unknowingly done for most of my life.

I’m fascinated by Beauty, by the appearance of concepts versus what they actually are. Growing up, I colored, cut and styled my hair, my makeup, and my clothes, not necessarily to appear as my best self, more so to integrate into a group. I studied what others wore, what others spoke, what others did and I assimilated to fit in. I’m a chameleon and have done this more times than I can count, changing my appearance or my actions or my words in order to understand those I interact with. My understanding of Beauty and Truth has evolved beyond what I could have anticipated; which leads me to believe I have only just scratched the surface of what I can experience, explore and learn.

Remaining present was one of the biggest feats of this year. So much happened. I went from working a full-time salon job and painting every night to traveling halfway across the world and working with artists. Four years ago I wrote in my journal my perfect day; wake up with a coffee, paint and learn from a new culture, ending the day with a fire and dancing. This year my perfect day happened, more than once. Next year, I strive to expand to the perfect year; wake up with the sun, study human existence and the beauty that resides within, showcasing individual stories of love, ending with an appreciation and a wider perspective that I’m able to pass on.

My most valuable growth this year has been in line with my Ganesh tattoo, a reminder that whenever I forget why I’m doing what I am, all I need to do is look down at my arm. Ganesh may not be the most powerful, but he is the most respected, the first to be worshipped. Ganesh has taught me that most obstacles are within my own mind, culminating around fear. The dots remind me of intentions and the importance in details which make up the whole. I am living with a purpose, I vibrate with a passion; that is how I know I am alive. When I feel that passion, that purpose flow through me, I know I am in an honorable place.

Knowing this passion and purpose is only part of it, utilizing these gifts I have developed while staying in that honorable place is the balance. My mission is to influence the global perspective with love, authenticity and grace. As a human, I am flawed and it has taken more than willpower to achieve this life I’ve created thus far, even as I continue to fall in hidden holes, climb out and shake off the dirt. This growth despite the darkness, this pain and suffering and shame I’ve lit up in order to understand and move through can only help. Our day to day lives may be different, though our thoughts and feelings and emotions draw parallel, as we walk with struggles; proving that we are human.

Last year I invited the unfathomable in, wishing for adventure and excitement. This year I’m inviting in wisdom from my ancestors, transforming it through creativity into a manifestation of love. How exciting that we all get to continue rotating around this earth, to have another opportunity to evolve into something greater that we cannot yet fathom? Let’s get to work with the sun, let’s ground into Mother Earth, and let’s spread joy and love through the air. I’m grateful for the newness January brings and for all of your encouragement to delve deeper. I’m sending out rays of sunshine to all of you with the hope you accomplish something great this calendar year.