Bethany Richards is an active member in community; the founder and host of Breakfast at Bethany’s and the assistant curator to the Mar Vista Artwalk. In 2017, she travelled to Kathmandu painting 4 murals backed by Wall of Hope; an educational organization centered on ending violence toward women and children. Her passion resides in exposing love and sharing benefits with all people around the world using StrawberryPropaganda, a project that uses facial expressions and line drawings to show the similarities and differences while spreading examples of love throughout the world. Using an artist name of PinkRiches, she is interested in the human experience and representing the spectrum of relationship to individual truth and perspective through storytelling and capturing the essence of life through color and form on a two-dimensional plane. Currently through AIR_MCUBE, her work seeks to understand through a lens of Hindu and Buddhist principles, the way another culture perceives and executes living and learning.