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PinkRiches is a painter, writer and poetess. The founder of Breakfast at Bethany‚Äôs, an art salon designed to help people break their “creative fast” and encourage a lively conversation between fellow intellectuals in an artistic environment. Her work focuses on the intricacies of human experience, primarily surrounding the idea of Love. In 2017, she travelled to Kathmandu painting 4 murals backed by Wall of Hope; an educational organization centered on ending violence toward women and children. In 2018 she travelled back to Nepal for a 3 month artist residency through MCube Gallery, learning more about Hindu and Buddhist principles. During her travels she started writing about her experiences on her website. Check out her most current musings or follow her in real time on social media; Instagram and Facebook @love.pinkriches.

I believe in the power of love and connection. #pinkmoneymakestheworldgoround