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Bethany Richards, aka PinkRiches currently resides in Minneapolis painting garage murals and setting up at summer art fairs. Shaped by 10 years in Los Angeles, she learned and collaborated with street artists, musicians and other creatives within her community.

In 2016 she founded and hosted a monthly art salon called Breakfast at Bethany’s where she encouraged attendees to share creative expressions of thoughts and ideas.

In 2017 she traveled to Nepal working with an organization called Wall of Hope and painted murals bringing awareness to sex trafficking, this experience led her to fall in love with the country and to visit again.

In 2018 as part of an artist-in-residency program at MCUBE Gallery in Patan Dhoka focusing on mudras and how we connect our spiritual nature to the physical world. She has painted five murals in and around Kathmandu.

Although she is primarily focused in the art world, her background is in theatre and film having worked in Hollywood for a number of years as a designer for costumes, hair, make-up and creative direction.

Through her creative career, she has focused on human existence and ways in which we interact with our world, especially ideas of what is beauty, love, truth and how that differs depending on culture and perspective.



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