Pink Riches:

Pink is a color that came to me, when I was younger I loved Barbies. As children, we play with toys to gain a better understanding of the world around us and I was enthralled with this doll that had every job and talent imaginable while also looking glamorous. I guess as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized this isn’t exactly attainable, hence why Barbie has gotten so much criticism. But the theory remains, that as humans, we can attain any dream we desire; we need love in order to grow and joy in order to evolve.

Riches comes from my last name, Richards. PinkRiches stands for Equality, Empowerment and the Talents we; as People, as Humans, as valued Members of Society, must share with each other, in order to reach peace and understanding.

Strawberry Propaganda is part of the PinkRiches dream, an idea that we all deserve and are worthy of love. The idea is if we consume more love, we become more love, we spread more love, we create more love. Propaganda is typically used for negative ideas, to brainwash humanity into thinking something that isn’t true. PinkRiches aims for positivity in everything she does; a philosophy of focusing on the good instead of dwelling in negativity.

The Human Experience, Emotions, Philosophies and what Drives people are all inspirations. Bethany has worked with adults and children using art therapy to understand and break the chains that bind us to Fear. Understanding can lead to change, art can lead to freedom.